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Course Assessments

Conducting a Midterm Course Evaluation is a valuable method for improving instruction. Midterm Course Evaluations are an excellent way to receive feedback about what is helping students to learn course material and what other strategies would help them to learn more effectively. Unlike end of term evaluations, midterm course evaluations offer an opportunity to make adjustments in your teaching during the term. Midterm Course Evaluations also encourage and stimulate student reflection upon their learning experience. Soliciting student feedback is also an excellent way to demonstrate to students that you are dedicated to effective teaching and ensuring their learning. CTL staff members are available to help you design, implement, and understand Midterm Course Evaluations.

Midterm Course Evaluations can take different forms. Two common forms are described below.

Evaluation Questionnaire

An Evaluation Questionnaire is a means of receiving feedback about your teaching from students. The questionnaires typically contain a few questions about the major aspects of the course (e.g. methods and clarity of instruction, assignments). The questionnaires can be completed outside of class or during class time. The questionnaires may also be pen-and-paper or electronic. Regardless of what questionnaire method you use, it is advisable to include open-ended questions and questions that include both a quantitative rating and comments.

Sample Evaluation Questionnaires:

Evaluation Questionnaires pair nicely with Observations of Classroom Teaching.

Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID)

A Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) is a formative assessment of students’ learning. During a SGID, a trained facilitator divides students into small groups and leads them through a guided discussion of their learning experience. These sessions generate useful data about students’ perspectives on what is working to help them learn and what might be done differently to improve their learning. SGIDs offer the benefit of structured consensus building; isolated comments from individual students are minimized. More information about the SGID process is available here. SGIDs pair nicely with Observations of Classroom Teaching.

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