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CTL Faculty Fellows

The Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce a call for applications for CTL Faculty Fellow positions for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Modeled after our previous versions, these fellowships are intended to encourage faculty exploration, study, and sharing of pedagogical approaches; advance our understanding and implementation of new and innovative pedagogies; and highlight the teaching excellence of Centre College faculty members. The focus may also be on topics that map onto Centre’s strategic plan priorities of innovations with technologies and/or experiential learning. 

As in the past, these fellowships are an opportunity to explore questions of interest or to learn more about wellness and wellbeing and/or experiential learning. One does not need to already be an expert in these pedagogies to apply. The Fellows will facilitate campus discussion related to their project topics throughout the spring term by organizing seminars or workshops, facilitating learning communities, hosting guest speakers, or other means of intentionally and broadly engaging colleagues. 

The CTL Faculty Fellow will receive one course release (1 course or 3 credit hours total). In addition, a total of $3,000 will be made available to support the activities of the fellow. The funds are to support: hosting events, such as seminars or guest speakers, on campus; conference travel to present project results; and miscellaneous expenses. 

All full-time faculty who have earned tenure and demonstrated commitment to student learning are encouraged to apply. 

To apply, please submit the following materials to Nisha Gupta (nisha.gupta@centre.edu) by February 29th, midnight

In Spring 2024, Ellen Prusinski will focus on strategies to strengthen and build capacity of Community-Based Learning (CBL) at Centre.  CBL is a pedagogical approach that intentionally links what is being taught in the classroom to surrounding communities. Prusinski plans to participate in some workshops for community-based pedagogies and develop and lead a CBL course design workshop for Centre faculty based on what she learns from the institute. Ultimately, Prusinski hopes to develop a clear framework for incorporating CBL into classes at Centre. Those faculty who are interested in CBL, contact Ellen Prusinski or keep an eye out in the spring for the workshop series! 

In Spring 2023, Kaelyn Wiles piloted this program.  Her focus has been on using contemplative practices to promote well-being among faculty members and students on campus. This project is a practical extension of the extensive teaching, service, and research that she has been doing mindfulness.  Her projects have potential to map onto Centre’s strategic plan priorities of community wellness. Here is a link to her proposal