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CTL staff are available for confidential consultations with individual instructors or programs on any aspect of teaching and learning. All consultations are collaborative and driven by the needs, interests, and goals of the individual instructor or program.

Common topics include:

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please complete this form: CTL Consultation Request Form

More information:

Assessing student learning with Midterm Course Evaluations 

Conducting a Midterm Course Evaluation is a valuable method for improving instruction. Midterm Course Evaluations are an excellent way to receive feedback about what is helping students to learn course material and what other strategies would help them to learn more effectively. 

Community Based Learning 

Community Based Learning (CBL) is a pedagogical approach that intentionally links what is being taught in the classroom to the surrounding communities. Also check out community engagement through the Office of Civic and Community Engagement.

Educational Technologies 

Through the use of technology, students can work creatively and collaboratively to produce content that is relevant and applicable to learning goals. By creating content, students transfer learned knowledge into an applicable product that demonstrates higher learning skills.