PED Talks

Ped Talks

Ped Talks are informal discussions aimed at bringing smaller groups of faculty together to discuss pedagogy, practices, and other conversations focused on teaching in a relaxed setting. Typically these are held in the Center for Teaching and Learning in Crounse during lunch. If you are interested in proposing a Ped Talk topic, please email Matt Downen (

Upcoming Ped Talks

To be announced in Fall 2024...

Previous Ped Talks

April 2024 Giving Feedback to Students. John Kinkade (ENG) and Azita Osanloo (ENG and Writing Center Director) led an informal discussion on providing meaningful comments on written work without getting overwhelmed.

February 2024 Active Learning in STEM. January Haile, Jennifer Muzyka, Kerry Paumi, and Kari Young demonstrated a few of the low-barrier active learning exercises in a mock class about active learning. They talked about retrieval practice, think-pair-share, and ABCD cards as low tech student response systems.

January 2024 The Liquid Syllabus. Matt Downen will led a session on creating a fluid document that is shared with students before the semester begins. The liquid syllabus introduces you as their instructor, affirms you care about and support student learning, and helps set the tone for an inclusive classroom.

January 2024 Using ChatGPT? Discussing Generative AI's Future at Centre. Kari Young and Alex McAllister facilitated a discussion focused on how instructors are using or testing out ChatGPT and other generative AI. 

November 2023 Senior Seminars. Jen Goff, Jamie Shenton, and Mark Galatowitsch shared their approaches and models for senior seminar courses.