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Conversations on Teaching

Conversations on Teaching is a CTL series that brings together a panel of colleagues with shared teaching interests. Panels will be organized around topics, such as the pandemic, race, climate change, the election, or around pedagogies, such as specifications grading, syllabus annotation, or problem-based learning. Panelists will briefly share what they are doing, and answer questions that will help us explore the topic from different angles across disciplines. If you have a topic you’d like us to consider, please contact Nisha Gupta (

Previous Conversations on Teaching

Teaching in This Time of Crisis in Gaza/West Bank/Israel-Palestine Conflict/Situation | Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Join colleagues for an informal exchange of ideas and talk about their own personal context for how/when/whether or not they wish to discuss this crisis/context of this crisis.

Faculty Workshop: Teaching Writing to Non-traditional Students | Thursday, October 12, 2023

Minneapolis College English Professor Shannon Gibney, a 2023 Educator of the Year in the Minnesota State College and University system, will explore best practices for teaching basic writing, critical, and creative writing to first gen, refugee, immigrant, and ex-offender students. Gibney will engage colleagues in a participatory experience, sharing what she has learned in her 17 years of working with these student populations.  Shannon will be delivering the Humana talk the same day.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing of Centre’s International Students | May 4, 2023 

Two of Centre’s Atkins Scholars co-presented the results of their research, which is focused on navigating and adapting to an American college as an international student and trauma-informed strategies that can be implemented by faculty to create safe environments. Their research included interviews with the international student population at Centre and examines the importance of mentorship, providing space for global conversation and expression of self, and navigating content and context of international conflict in the classroom. A short presentation was followed by open discussion.  

Scaffolding and Evaluating Oral Communication in DLM 120 (Patrick Kagan-Moore and Robyn Cutright) December 4, 2020

Handout: Scaffolding and Evaluating Oral Communication

View the recording of this webinar

This workshop is aimed at those who will be teaching DLM 120 in Spring 2020. We will share a rubric being developed by the General Education Committee that addresses issues of content and performance in oral presentations, discuss some ideas for scaffolding oral communication assignments, and share ideas and questions.