Technology-based Projects

Video-based Projects

Video-based technology assignments can be a powerful tool that engages your students in the learning process of a particular topic. Listed below are guidelines that can assist your students as they begin working on their video projects.


Before you begin: Is assigning a video project the best option for your course? Take a look at the video expectations/questions to ask to help guide you in this process.


Filming Techniques:


The filming techniques powerpoint is a guide to the various shots and techniques used when shooting your video footage. This is a helpful review for your students to understand how to frame a shot, the various angles which reflect different tones and mood within your video.


Storyboarding Process:


Before you have your students begin creating a video project, it is pertinent for them to understand the importance of storyboarding. Watch this video to understand why storyboarding is important in the learning process.


If you are going to require your students to storyboard their video project, consider using our video storyboard template (this is a download Word document).


Why Storyboarding is vital to creating your film


How Music Affects Your Video:


Watch the video below to understand how music can influence the tone of your video



Transition Shots:


Information will be posted soon.



Film Angles:




Resources on Centre's Campus:


Located in the basement of Crounse Hall is the CTL Media Lab.CTL Media Lab

Click here for more details on the CTL Media Lab and the software that's available.



Digital and Multimedia Resources - this page provides links to websites that offer free photos and images, and music and sound effects.










Using iMovie:


iMovie allows you to edit your video project and add additional features such as: titles, narration, transitions, maps and background and underlying music. You also have the option to add additional effects such as: picture-in-picture, split screen and green screen.

For more information about iMovie, check out Apple's tutorials.







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