Undergraduate Research


Centre students often reach a point in their college experience when they are ready for challenges beyond traditional classroom discussion and testing. When they are ready for a new level of discovery, Centre offers students the opportunity to become partners in learning with Centre faculty.


The nature of the partnership may vary according to the student’s field. A drama student might ask his professor to guide him in writing and producing a play, while a chemistry major might want to join her professor for a summer of intense laboratory research. Whatever the field, this collaborative work becomes an important bridge to significant work or graduate study beyond the Centre years.


As a result of participating in undergraduate research at Centre, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and apply the tools, methods, sources, concepts, and ethical standards appropriate to the discipline.

  2. Communicate – both orally and in written form and to diverse audiences – the ways their intellectual or creative work contributes to broader frameworks, expressions, and discussions in the discipline.

  3. Effectively connect multiple ideas and approaches in order to bring new insights to questions at hand, overcome barriers, and develop an appreciation for the complexity and ambiguity inherent in the research process.

  4. Reflect on their work in order to assess progress toward personal, career, or post-graduation goals.

  5. Work independently while also identifying when input, guidance, and feedback are needed.




Additional information regarding undergraduate research can be found here on Centre's website.












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