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Technology-Based Projects


Faculty incorporate technology-based assignments into their classes in order to further enhance student collaboration and engage students in demonstrating what they have learned while also learning and using a new technology skill. When thinking about assigning a technology-based project, consider these 3 questions:


  1. What is your goal?

  2. What do you want your students to come away with?

  3. How will this technology project enhance and engage your students in the learning process?


By answering these 3 essential questions, you can then decide if your assignment lends itself to becoming a technology-based assignment and which technology tool will be the correct fit for your particular students. Remember, not all projects or ideas lend itself to using technology. You only want to use technology to enhance and engage what your students are learning. Once you decide you want to design a technology-based assignment, you need to also consider how you are going to assess the student learning. How do you grade a technology-based assignment? Do you want you’re students to focus on the content only, or a blended mix of learning not only the content but the technology tools as well. Depending on the assignment, there are various rubrics that can aid you in this process.


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