Teaching Reflection Triangles



Reflection offers us an opportunity to gain deeper insights about what we do, and how and why we do it. It is a way of ensuring that we gain new knowledge and understanding from our practice. Central to all reflection is the attempt to see things differently. Teaching Reflection Triangles bring approximately three faculty colleagues together to observe each other’s teaching, engage in critical reflection and, ultimately, see ourselves and our teaching differently.


The three faculty in each triangle agree to visit each other’s classes at least once during the term and then gather after all of the courses have been observed to engage in a non-evaluative discussion of what they learned from their observations. In short, two observations and one meeting are required. Of course, members of the Triangle may agree to gather more frequently.


The goal is to encourage a mutually-supportive environment for self-reflection. As such, the focus of Triangle discussions will be on what each member has learned about his/her own teaching from the observation process. Evaluative commentary on others’ performance is discouraged.


The Center for Teaching and Learning will organize interested participants into diverse triangles, provide funding for the triangle to meet and reflect over a meal (up to $50 per group meal), and provide a few recommendations for conducting effective observations and reflective discussions. Members of the Triangle will have the flexibility to choose mutually agreeable observation and meeting times, and to direct their own reflective discussions.


Please contact Sarah Lashley by Friday, August 31 if you are interested in participating.





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