Teaching with Technology

Student Project Examples


Our faculty and students are creating amazing technology projects in the classroom.  Listed below are just a few examples of the types of technology assignments are faculty are developing and the student work that is being produced.



Other Media Project Examples


• HIS 482: History and Video Games. Professor John Harney's students created a video game based on a historical context. His students developed their storyboards and outlines and created their games in either the RPGMaker and Twine software programs. Checkout his course blog and view the student examples.


• Students in the HIS 465: Spirits, Gods, and Ghosts of East Asia with Professor John Harney contributed to a course blog and created podcast episodes for their final project based on topics derived from independent research relating to class content.  Check out all 7 episodes and view the course blog.


• FYS 106: Creativity: Weaving Patterns course with Professor Jennifer Muzyka students created an e-portfolio using Google Sites to develop reflections and showcase the weaving objects they produced. View some examples here.


• In the EDU 280: The Superhero: A Role Model? course with Professor Donna Plummer, students used Comic Life software to create their own superhero and origin story.


Check out a student example from Professor Plummer's class. This example showcases a new superhero and origin story. This comic was created by Emily Akin, Celeste Grubb and Annalea Wilson.



• BIO 455: Biology of Viruses with Professor Peggy Richey. Her students researched a specific virus and created a Google Site to display their research. Unfortunately, due to copyright law, we are unable to show student examples from this course.


• EDU 226: Educational Technology with Candace Wentz. Students had a community-based project with Shaker Village in which they could create any type of media project based on a specific need that Shaker Village had.


Check out a student example from the Educational Technology class. This project was a self-guided interactive presentation created by Julie Gates, Chloe Peterson and Annalea Wilson.



Video-Based Examples


• FYS 138: The Cafe and Public Life course with Professor Beau Weston, students assembled in groups and created 12 minute short films documenting Louisville, Kentucky independent coffee houses. The films were comprised of interviews featuring local patrons and passersby of these establishments as well as footage of the surrounding neighborhoods where they are located. View an example here.


• SPA 467: Latin America Film course with Professor Laura Chinchilla, students created a 7-10 minute video.  First student exampleSecond student example.


• In the HIS 387: The Crusades course with Professor Amos Tubb, students created a 30-40 minute documentary on the Crusades. Dividing roles within each group, each group had to develop the storyboard, write the narration, direct the filming production, edit their video, create costumes, etc. Students in this class used the CTL video equipment to film their projects and they edited their videos in iMovie on the CTL Media Lab computers.


Here are some photos of Professor Tubb's students working in the CTL Media Lab on their video projects:


  Students working on video          Students working on video 













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