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The Distracted Classroom:  Transparency, Autonomy, and Pedagogy


In this article, James M. Lang discusses his experimentation with classroom polling as a way to “improve student participation.”  Unlike many of his colleagues that used polling for multiple choice type questions, Lang used short-answer questions to help facilitate his in-class discussion.  It became apparent that by using the in-class polling, the same students were not taking over the discussions, and when doing course evaluations, some students referenced the positive effect that the class polling had on their learning experiences.


After his experimentation with classroom polling, Lang hosted a faculty discussion of Jay R. Howard’s book, Discussion in the College Classroom.  During this discussion, Lang put to use his in-class polling method; which in turn brought about a discussion on classroom distractions, and how higher education faculty can help students take advantage of the technology, that is readily at their fingertips, without letting it become a distraction.


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Lang, James M. “The Distracted Classroom: Transparency, Autonomy, and Pedagogy.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 30 July 2017,





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