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Untangling the Web of Student-Teacher Communication - pulled from the Archives December 5, 2016


Do you sometimes have the feeling that you aren’t getting through to your students?  Well, even though you are an expert at what you teach, your students could not be getting the material being presented to them due to the way you communicate.  In this article, Jennifer H. Waldeck, PhD states that “In reality, communication is a learned verbal and nonverbal skill that all of us must continually refine.  When we interact with our students purposefully, we maximize the chances that our content expertise will make a positive difference in terms of their learning.”


To read more about this topic, a link to the article has been provided below.


Waldeck, Jennifer H., PhD. "Untangling the Web of Student-Teacher Communication." Faculty Focus Higher Ed Teaching Learning. Magna, 07 June 2016. Web. 06 Sept. 2016.


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