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July 9 & July 16, 2018 - Using VALUE rubrics to focus assignments - pulled from the Archives on April 2, 2018


Although rubrics can sometimes seem like a constraining way of assessing student learning, they can also help students focus their work and help support more efficient, consistent grading. By providing clear learning outcomes and definitions for sometimes “fuzzy” – yet important – concepts such as critical thinking, the AAC&U VALUE rubrics go one step further. While intended for institutional-level use and not for individual grading, the rubrics can still be a useful starting place when designing assignments aimed at helping students reach key learning outcomes such as sophisticated ethical reasoning, a strong sense of civic identity, or creative thinking.


The VALUE rubrics can be downloaded individually or as a group here:



June 25 & July 2, 2018 - How Technology Can Equalize Learning Differences - pulled from the Archives on April 16, 2018


“Conventional is our comfort zone.” This commentary on technology in the classroom is really deeper than whether to allow or not to allow the use of laptops in classrooms. At the heart of this message is the changing landscape of our student population and their needs.  As it suggests, in order to create more inclusive learning environments, we need to consider that teaching methods that may be comfortable for us may actually be creating barriers to learning for some of our students. Purposeful use of technology can assist students with all learning abilities, increasing the learning potential for each student in your class.


Click here to download the article



June 11 & 18, 2018 - Blender - pulled from the Archives on September 18, 2017


Blender is a 3D computer graphics software that allows you to create animated films and visual effects as well as video games.  It is an open sourced software that offers motion graphics, fluid and smoke simulation, compositing and video editing.


Blender is a perfect companion piece to your non linear editing software of choice.  It works with Windows, macOS or Linux.  Blender software has been used to create effects in several Hollywood films including:  Wonder Woman, Lights Out, Captain America The Winter Soldier and many others.


Download at



May 28 & June 4, 2018 - Enhancing your Presentation Materials - pulled from the Archives on September 11, 2017


Are you looking for inspiration and wanting to enhance your presentation materials?  Then check out Adobe Spark!  Adobe Spark is a free graphic design program/app that can be used on your tablet, smartphone, or via a web browser.


SPARK allows you to create social graphics (using spark post), animate videos (using spark video) and design your own web stories (using spark page).


So why try Spark?  Perhaps your students are looking for a different way to give their presentation instead of PowerPoint. Spark page uses a photo layout which allows you to grab the audience's attention using images and very minimal text. This allows your audience to focus on you and your presentation instead of reading directly from the screen.


Get started with using Adobe SPARK.


Adobe SPARK and other Adobe programs will be highlighted in our monthly Adobe User Group. If you are interested in being a part of this group, email Candace Wentz.








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