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Typically held three times per term during Common Hour, Pedagogy Luncheons are an opportunity for faculty to share and discuss common teaching interests, challenges, and strategies.




2018 – 2019 Luncheons


The following are our pedagogy luncheons for the 2018-2019 academic year. Luncheons are from 11:20am - 12:20pm and held in the Evans-Lively room of Old Carnegie (2nd floor).



Thursday, March 7

Understanding Student Motivation


How can we design our courses and assignments to encourage motivation? The purpose of this luncheon is to understand the basic drivers of motivation. We’ll start with an overview of motivation and then hear from student panelists about the learning experiences that motivated them.


Facilitator: Matt Kassner and Student Panelists




Thursday, February 14

Encouraging Students to Take Risks and Embrace Failure


We are all too familiar with students who grow terrified when pushed out of their comfort zones and are faced with new challenges that might threaten their GPAs. Students have creative thoughts and ideas, but they often do not share these—fear of “seeming ridiculous and unimportant” holds them back. This pedagogy luncheon is designed to share strategies that encourage students to be intellectually uncomfortable in the classroom and take risks, all while recognizing the importance of failure in the learning process.  Findings from the literature as well as from focus groups conducted with Centre first-years and seniors will be presented.


Facilitated by Lesley Wiglesworth



Thursday, November 6

Teaching Strategies to Help All Students Thrive


Our classrooms are full of students from different educational backgrounds and who have different learning needs and interests. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that can be used to design learning experiences that meet the needs of all learners. It helps us create courses and classes that motivate our diverse students to learn, help them understand content, and demonstrate their learning. In so doing, it can help us reach students previously missed. The purpose of this luncheon is to develop a general understanding of UDL principles and the teaching strategies that can be implemented in our classes to help all Centre College students succeed.



Tuesday, October 18

Engaging with the proposed curricular elements


Faculty members will engage with the proposed curricular elements by asking questions about each of the elements.  The questions will then be used to generate discussion both in small and larger groups regarding as many of the elements as time will allow.  The question formulation technique used to generate our discussion is easily transferrable to classroom settings.


Facilitated by the General Education Committee



Thursday, September 13


The Subcommittee on Curricular Design will lead the group in producing brief, clear descriptions of the General Education proposals that have been submitted.
























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