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Pedagogy Luncheons



Typically held three times per term during Common Hour, Pedagogy Luncheons are an opportunity for faculty to share and discuss common teaching interests, challenges, and strategies.




2018 – 2019 Luncheons


The following are our fall pedagogy luncheons. Luncheons are from 11:20am - 12:20pm and held in the Evans-Lively room of Old Carnegie (2nd floor).



Thursday, September 13


The Subcommittee on Curricular Design will lead the group in producing brief, clear descriptions of the General Education proposals that have been submitted.



Tuesday, October 18

Engaging with the proposed curricular elements


Faculty members will engage with the proposed curricular elements by asking questions about each of the elements.  The questions will then be used to generate discussion both in small and larger groups regarding as many of the elements as time will allow.  The question formulation technique used to generate our discussion is easily transferrable to classroom settings.


Facilitated by the General Education Committee





Thursday, November 6


Title and description will be posted.






















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