Inclement Weather

When the weather prevents you from getting to campus, consider some of the alternative methods below to connect with students and colleagues during severe weather.


Virtually connecting or communicating with your students or colleagues is a great way to continue conversations and projects that poor weather attempted to interrupt.


Connect with your students via videoconferencing technology


Creating a virtual classroom session or meeting room is simple with Zoom!  Zoom is a free software program, accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Just download the program and install it on your own device.


Users can setup their own free accounts using their Centre email account by going to and logging in.


If you need to conduct group meetings longer than 40 minutes, please contact





Steps to Connect:


  1. Once you have Zoom installed, you can schedule a meeting and send the connection link to your students/colleagues.
  2. Your students/colleagues will then be able to login to the computer in one of the videoconference enabled classrooms, conference rooms, or using their own device.
  3. They should login to their email and click on the connection link.
  4. They will be prompted to download the Zoom application to enter the meeting.
  5. Conduct class or meeting as if you were physically present.



If you realize you are in need of a webcam to connect with your students/colleagues from home, reserve a webcam here!  We have a limited number of webcams available for checkout, so reservations will be on a first come, first served basis.   Please keep in mind that if you are unable to get to campus to teach your classes,  it is probable that CTL staff will not be able to safely travel to campus either.  Therefore, we recommend that you plan ahead and check out equipment if you think the weather may prohibit you from getting to campus.



Use Moodle to host an online class discussion


Moodle has several modules that allow interactive discussion that can be used in lieu of holding an actual class session when severe weather prohibits travel to campus.


Creating discussion forums in Moodle allows students to:


  • Respond to faculty inquiries regarding assignments, projects, or general questions.
  • Respond to other students, engaging in virtual class discussion.
  • Record class reflections or questions.
  • Seek assistance from peers in finding solutions to problems or questions.


Setting up a Moodle Forum is a fairly easy process. Click HERE for instructions.



Technology Equipment Availability


The Center for Teaching and Learning has a variety of technology equipment available for checkout free of charge. Some of these technologies include laptops, tablets, webcams and cameras. Since we have a limited number of each item, we recommend you check out the online reservation system to see what's available. Just login with your Centre username and password. Use the blue arrow to choose your equipment category.


Equipment can be checked out and returned during our normal business hours 8am - 12pm and 1pm - 4:30pm Mon-Fri.  In case of severe weather, CTL staff may not be able to safely travel to campus; therefore, it is important to consider checking out any equipment you may need for your class prior to the severe weather emergency.


Reserve equipment now!












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