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Faculty Resource Site

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This site contains briefing material, sample syllabi, useful links and notes to assist faculty in preparing to teach.



Centre College Image and Slide Library


A Resource for Teaching with Images of Art and Architecture



Welcome to the Image Library, located in the Jones Visual Arts Center. We provide images of art, architecture and material culture to support teaching


We provide access to digital images for teaching. Our campus now uses COIL, a locally supported art image database, tailored to courses taught at Centre, and ARTstor, a database with over a million and a half images that is global in scope. We can help you find best images for your course, just contact us at: Image Library



Access ARTstor HERE


Access COIL (Centre On-line Image Library) HERE



MDID, the local art image database, is being reborn as COIL (Centre On-line Image Library). Please log in to the new database at at your earliest convenience. Don't worry—if you have used MDID before, your existing slide lectures will all be in place. The experience will be familiar. It is a more modern version of the same database with a new name and a new server and more options.


(If you wish, after logging in, you can download the desktop version of Mediaviewer to your own computer. Click the drop down list under "Experience" and choose "Mediaviewer". Click the " Install" button.)


Mediaviewer replaces the old Imageviewer software. It has been installed in all the classrooms where Hum is being taught this semester.


Music Files


Access Humanities Music Files HERE

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