Videoconferencing @ Centre

Videoconferencing is quickly becoming a championed method for connecting students with professionals in their field of study, broadening student world views and perspectives, and extending learning beyond the classroom. Options for videoconferencing span the spectrum in terms of price and complexity, yet Centre College prides itself on providing cost-effective solutions for faculty, staff, and students to connect with the world around them. Using programs designed to make these significant virtual connections when physical connections and visits aren’t as feasible help inspire growth while saving the college money. Alternatively, in times when faculty or staff are unable to make it campus, virtual connections can be a saving grace for conducting classes, interviews, or meetings. With the flexibility to continue conducting business-as-usual, individuals and the college as a whole benefit.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a web-based video conferencing service that integrates with your Google account and YouTube for the capability of live streaming sessions. If your goal is to create a broad audience for your videoconferencing session, this is the way to go by setting up a Google Hangout on Air. Live commenting on YouTube and up to 10 active participants within the Google session are just two of the options available with Google Hangouts. Other beneficial options with this service include screen sharing and document sharing. You do not have to have someone in your Circle to add them to a Hangout.


Google Hangouts is the best option for:


- Collaborative meetings

- Multiple connections

- Document and screen sharing

- Easily integrating with YouTube and live streaming

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