Funding Opportunities


Course Development Funding

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The Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to provide support of up to $1500 for the development of new courses or significant revisions to existing courses. We are particularly interested in supporting the (re)development of courses that meet a specific programmatic need, or that rely upon a unique or exploratory pedagogical approach. It is expected that courses that are developed with funds from CTL will be taught regularly. We anticipate funding three course development proposals. All full-time employees of the college with faculty status are eligible to apply.


Examples of past funded activities include: The development of a methods course that was recommended by external reviewers and adopted by a program. The course did not fit clearly with any program member’s area of expertise, so funds were granted for the study of the subject and development of the course. The development of a newly required capstone course, the structure of which would be adopted by all program members when teaching the course. The redevelopment of an introductory course from a largely lecture based pedagogy to an active learning approach. The creation of inquiry-based lab experiments for a science course.


It is expected that funding recipients will (re)develop the course during the summer of 2017, and share their design and/or implementation experiences with colleagues through a short CTL newsletter submission.


To apply, please submit an application letter that includes: a description of the proposed course, including student learning outcomes, intended pedagogies, and how it fits into a curriculum; a statement of how the development of this course goes beyond normal course development expectations; and an itemized budget. A letter of support from your program chair should also be submitted. The letter should include a timeline of when the course is expected to be taught. If applicable, a statement of how this course will meet a specific programmatic need should also be included.


Applicants may request a stipend of up to $1000 and funds for materials of up to $500. Eligible material expenses include books, workshop registration fees, travel costs, and other expenses directly related to the development of the course. The stipend may be used to cover additional material costs, conference travel, or other expenses incurred beyond $500. Requests for funds to provide student stipends will not be considered.


Please submit all materials via email to the Center for Teaching and Learning (


All applications will be reviewed by the CTL Advisory Board.



Innovative Teaching Fund

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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is pleased to offer financial support for experiments with new and/or innovative teaching practices. This funding is designed to support the implementation of a new or innovative project or pedagogy aimed at supporting student learning, such as an imaginative approach to student collaboration, a creative use of instructional technology, or a new means of encouraging students to self-regulate their learning.


All full time employees with faculty rank are eligible to apply for up to $300 to support their innovative project or pedagogy. Requests for much smaller amounts are welcome! These funds are meant to support the implementation of activities not already funded through the divisions or dean’s office. As such, requests for funds to support field trips, guest speakers, and stipends will not be considered. Requests for food or catering services will be considered, but should be a small part of the overall request.


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by CTL staff on the first of each month. To apply, please submit a statement of two paragraphs that includes a brief description of your project or pedagogy, an explanation of how you anticipate this project or pedagogy will improve student learning and/or their classroom experience, and a budget. Applications should be submitted via email to


This funding was created to support a broad set of project ideas and pedagogies and is being offered on a trial basis through the 2017 – 2018 academic year in lieu of CBL and technology mini-grants. Innovative uses of CBL and technology will be supported through this fund.



Diversity Infusion Mini Grants

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Mini-grants of up to $500 for the creation or revision of courses to include diverse voices are now available. These grants are meant to provide the resources necessary to infuse diverse voices, especially those from historically underrepresented populations, into the syllabi of existing courses or to develop new courses that explore issues and inclusion from an academic perspective. Grant funds can be used to purchase course materials (e.g., images. books, films, audio recordings, etc.). It is expected that courses that are (re)designed with funds from the Mellon Foundation Diversity and Inclusion grant will be taught at least two times in the next four years.


 To apply, please submit an application letter that includes a description of the course, a project outline that addresses the questions below, and a basic budget.


  1. How will the inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives strengthen this course or, in the case of newly designed courses, the program’s course offerings?

  2. What approaches and/or methods are envisioned in relation to the project objective?

  3. What percentage of your newly redesigned course will focus on issues related to diversity? If you will be revising an existing course, how changed will your revised version of the course be from the original?

  4. How often do you intend to offer this course and will it count towards a major, minor, or general education requirement?


Please submit all materials via email to  Please contact Rodmon King with any questions.



Multidisciplinary Pedagogical Conferences


The Center for Teaching and Learning has funds to support faculty participation in pedagogical workshops and conferences! Funding includes registration, travel, and per diem.


Not sure where to start looking for such a conference? Here are two good options:




We also have a limited amount of funds to support faculty attendance at pedagogical workshops that occur in connection with disciplinary conferences. In most instances, funding is limited to the cost of the workshop and additional lodging.


If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please send a short statement to Sarah Lashley indicating your interest in a specific conference and an anticipated budget. Requests will be considered on a rolling basis.


If you know of a pedagogical workshop or conference that you would like to attend, but it does not fit either of these models, please contact Sarah Lashley. CTL may still be able to help!




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