Faculty Learning Communities



Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are small groups of faculty colleagues who meet regularly for a sustained amount of time to explore a particular topic of interest. FLCs serve to build community, enhance faculty collaboration within and across disciplines, encourage reflection about teaching and learning, and support the creation and application of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).


The Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to provide support for FLCs on Centre College's campus. We will provide support of up to $500 per FLC for a limited number of FLCs. Each FLC may appoint one or two faculty conveners who will be responsible for organizing meetings. Each convener will receive of stipend of $100. Each FLC will also receive up to $300 to purchase books and/or resources. Each FLC will be asked to produce one deliverable that is of interest to the campus community. Examples of possible deliverables include: book reviews, resource lists, annotated bibliographies, or a pedagogy luncheon.




Enhancing Risks in the College Classroom


Majority of Centre students were high school honor students.  It is unfortunate that too many of these students have learned to define themselves by their ability to perform in a system that rewards them “for uncovering and then delivering ‘what the teacher wants.’” They have been touted by a system that relies on testing and emphasizes “rote learning,” and now they are afraid to disappoint.  In this FLC, we will share specifics about what risks we would like our students to take and how we can encourage them in our classrooms.


Contact: Lesley Wiglesworth



Diversity and Inclusion


This FLC will actively explore ways of creating truly inclusive classrooms. Included in our efforts will be an exploration of how implicit biases and microaggressions affect classroom dynamics, how to manage hot moments in the classroom, and how universal design may be implemented. We will also discuss and aim to better understand the relationship between diversity and academic freedom.


Contacts: Maria Apostolova and Chantell Limerick



Teaching and Learning Through Performance


The premise of this FLC is two-fold and pursues the development of a systematic and symbiotic relationship between faculty and students, in and outside of the classroom. First, what can we do to stimulate our students’ learning and creative engagement in the classroom? Second, how do we stay motivated and engaged as teachers? This FLC seeks to investigate how the field of Theatre and Performing Arts can help us develop and support pedagogies of creative collaboration and inclusion. We intend to research current pedagogy and theatre studies (Heathcote, Edmiston, etc.), as well as specific performance methodologies (Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum Theatre, “Alienation” Effect) for teaching, while addressing art integration in the classroom. We hope that this theoretical investigation can be coupled with practical exercises and workshops to test useful techniques for enhancing student participation, student and faculty collaboration, and critical faculty development.


Contacts: Laura Chinchilla, Iulia Sprinceana and Núria Sabaté



Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) uses our classrooms as places for asking and answering questions about student learning. The purpose of this inquiry is to improve our own teaching and to advance the teaching profession, more broadly. This FLC will be an opportunity for those developing or implementing SoTL projects to share their work, receive feedback and support, and provide ideas to others. No matter the stage of your project, from simply an idea to data collection and analysis to writing, please feel welcome to join us.


Contact: Sarah Lashley











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