Faculty Learning Communities



Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are small groups of faculty colleagues who meet regularly for a sustained amount of time to explore a particular topic of interest. FLCs serve to build community, enhance faculty collaboration within and across disciplines, encourage reflection about teaching and learning, and/or support the creation and application of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).


The Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to provide support for FLCs on Centre College's campus. We will provide support of up to $600 per FLC for the creation of up to five FLCs. Each FLC may appoint one or two faculty conveners who will be responsible for organizing meetings. Each convener will receive of stipend of $100. Each FLC will also receive up to $400 to purchase books and resources. Each FLC will be asked to produce one deliverable that is of interest to the campus community. Examples of possible deliverables include: book reviews, resource lists, annotated bibliographies, or a pedagogy luncheon.


Questions about this process or about FLCs in general, please contact Sarah Lashley.



Topics for Faculty Learning Communities: 2018-2019


If you are interested in one of the topics listed below, please connect with the contact person.


Once a group has been formed, the convener should submit an application letter that includes a description of the proposed topic or issue to be explored, a statement of why this topic is of particular interest, a list of all faculty participants, and a description of a tentative deliverable. Please submit application letters via email to the Center for Teaching and Learning (ctl@centre.edu) by Wednesday, September 19.



Topic: Experiential Learning

Contact: Andrew Patrick

This Faculty Learning Community will focus on incorporating experiential learning pedagogies in our courses. We will explore a wide range of experiential approaches, from single-day activities in the classroom to semester-long community-based learning projects, and discuss how they can be implemented across the divisions. We will also consider the instructional value of “learning by doing” in different contexts and the importance of reflection in helping students achieve our desired learning outcomes for the course.




Topic: World Languages

Contact: Karen Tubb

Colleagues are interested in gathering together to share idea about language pedagogy and/or language acquisition.









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