Teaching with Technology

Experimental Classroom


Young 110 is now the Experimental Classroom!  What does this mean?  This means that the purpose of this room is to experiment!


  1. Some of you may be teaching in this space, or learning, or both.
  2. Some of you may be exploring using new technologies in your teaching, in your research, in your projects, presentations, or art.
  3. Some of you may just want to create and explore.


This room is for anyone who wants to learn more about technology and how it can help you teach, learn, create, explore, and have fun. This space is meant to be experimental and dynamic. As technologies and tools are tested and used, some may go away and others may appear. As that happens, instructions will be available on how to use anything new in the room.


This room is NOT a study space, your dorm room, your office, or necessarily going to stay the same from year-to-year. This room is not a space to watch TV, movies, or "chill".


Because there is a lot of technology in this space, we ask that you be VERY careful if you have food and drinks in this space.


Room Documentation

Tech in Cabinet


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How can I get trained? 


There are two ways faculty, staff and/or students can get trained on using the space


  • Option 1 - take the experimental classroom training course in Moodle.

  • Option 2 - During the fall term, every Wednesday from 3-4pm, Kristi Burch will be available to train any faculty, staff or students interested in using this space. You can stop by any Wednesday to go through the training, or make an appointment with Kristi Burch at x 5573.



Once you have been trained on using the space, you will be granted swipe card access to the room.


Reserving this space after hours?


The Experimental Classroom (Young 110) can be reserved using the Online Reservation System.


  • If you have completed the training session, your reservation will be approved.
  • If you have not yet completed the training session, you will need to complete a training session either in-person or on Moodle (after Sept. 18) in order to gain access to this space.




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