Community-Based Learning


Community-based learning (CBL) is a broad teaching pedagogy that emphasizes the integration of service to, involvement in, and interaction with the surrounding community into traditional academic coursework. There exist a variety of ways in which to integrate CBL into a course such as out-of-class activities, service add-ons, internships, and service-learning. All of these are a way for professors to engage their students with the surrounding community and bring class lectures out of the abstract and into real world experiences.


Why Use CBL?


Community-based learning methods engage students as learners outside of the classroom, adding a dimension to undergraduate education that promotes life-long learning and leading. It also teaches students how to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical problems in a world with constantly changing political, social, and economical contexts. CBL courses produce students that are much more capable, much sooner, of real-world problem solving after graduation.


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